Practical maths

We believe that maths lessons should take place in an engaging and practical environment. As well as ensuring they’re learning those key maths skills we work to ensure our children are engaged throughout the school day in applying that learning in other contexts.

Children are taught key skills needed for their year group; then are given the opportunity to apply these skills using their understanding of problem solving and reasoning within real life contexts. Whether we’re getting out into the playground to measure and calculate how big our pond area is, discussing about space travel as a way into exploring the relationship of time and speed to velocity, or racing the snails the children have found on a nature walk we underpin our learning journeys with creative and engaging activities that develop mathematical skills.

We are always looking for creative ways to underpin core mathematical skills, With times table rock stars, for example, from Year 2 we’re deploying this brilliant and engaging way to get children developing – and remembering – their times tables by giving each child their own login to practice inside and outside school. Find out if your child is a busker or a garage rocker!

If you’d like to discover more about how we teach maths at Dulwich Wood  you can read our guidance in full by downloading the link below.


White Rose Maths 

Times Table Rockstars