Friday 15th October 2021

Learning Journey – ‘Freedom’

 A snapshot of our week:

Reception have continued to enjoy the story Where the Wild Things Are. This week the children have been brilliant at sequencing, retelling and then re-enacting the story!! They have also enjoyed making masks and props to become Wild Things. In maths we are loving learning all about numbers, identifying the numerals and representing the amounts in different ways (cardinality).

Year 1 were excited to start a new book in literacy – Astro Girl by Ken Wilson-Max.  We have been busily looking for clues in the first few pages of the story to find out what ‘Astro Girl’ (Astrid) might like and what she might be thinking.  We made some brilliant observations and came up with some great suggestions. We did some fieldwork in our geography which involved looking at an aerial photograph of the school and then going and standing in the correct location in the school grounds.  Well done to all the children who made some wonderful messy maps and uploaded pictures onto Tapestry.  

Year 2 have been working extremely hard and using their perseverance tool this week in maths. We have been adding using a number line and using this skill to solve one step word problems. In Literacy, we found some mysterious items left by the mermaid from our new book by Jessica Love called ‘Julian is a mermaid.’ This is a wonderful book looking at different ways to express yourself and promotes acceptance of everyone from different backgrounds.

Year 3 have been learning about influential black musicians and enjoying some really wonderful music. In Science, we made our own puppet theatres to help us continue with our light and shadows learning journey. In literacy, we have been using our imagining and empathy tools to create our own animal characters for our story based on our book; ‘Sparky’.

Year 4 have written an imagined conversation between two of the characters from our book, Tar Beach, using the rules for direct speech, as well as contractions. In maths, we have started a new topic, addition and subtraction, using the column method to solve problems. In science, we have been focusing on how humans affect the environment and how we can support our local habitat. The home learning many of the children brought into school today around this topic is truly outstanding. We can’t wait to share it with the rest of the school.

Year 5 have had a big geography focus this week learning all about the main imports and exports of South Africa! We have made traditional South African ‘vuvuzelas’ ready for carnival and been learning a beautiful song in Zulu! In maths we have started our statistics unit which focuses on drawing and interpreting graphs and charts. In science we have introduced the topic of metamorphosis and have used it to look and various life cycles.

Year 6 have been using their inference skills during literacy to write a retelling of a section we are calling ‘The Land of the Giants’. As our text doesn’t have any words, we have been inferring what could have happened and been said by each character. In science, our ongoing investigation about mould is going very well…some slices are incredibly mouldy! We are going to have a lot to write about for our scientific reports next week!


Star Pupils this week

Year 1 – Izzie & Kaspar

Year 2 – Mikel & Bryanna

Year 3 – Stan & Maya Rose

Year 4 – Ibrahim & Joey

Year 5 –Azra & Mahdi

Year 6 – Princess & Rylan 


Green Acorn Awards – 75 points!

Y1 – Beau, Lily-Rose, Robin, Juliet, Kailah, Ariah, Tia, Astrid, Princess, Alannah, Teddy, Freya, Cece

Y3 Izzy


House Points 

36 31 33

Dates for your Diary

Fri 22nd Oct: Freedom Carnival – from 2pm

Fri 22nd Oct: IROKO storytelling session after school (see poster below)

Mon 25th – Fri 29th Oct: Half Term      

Mon 1st Nov: INSET DAY 2   

Tue 9th Nov: Flu Immunisation (more details to follow)

Mon 22nd Nov: Learning Reviews


Show Racism the Red Card

Our Assembly on Monday will be reminding children of our whole school and communities’ commitment to anti-racism. Children will be invited to wear something red to school on Tuesday 19th October to show their support.


Celebration Cards 

The children have been designing their Celebration Cards over the last few weeks and are bringing them home today. If you would like to place an order (cards, gift tags, wrapping paper and cups) please go to to register, then enter the school code (7375) and your child’s unique code which can be found on the top left corner of their order forms. Original artworks with the order form need to be returned to school by Thursday 21st October at the latest, or your order won’t be processed.


Freedom Carnival

Friday 22nd October 2pm – 3pm

You are invited to watch your child parade around the perimeter of the school in their carnival costume, and then join us for a class picnic.

What time does the carnival start?

·         The Carnival will start at 2pm

·         All classes will be leaving the school from the main gate on Bowen Drive.

Where should we stand?

·         You can stand anywhere along the route…

·         Reception will be leaving the parade at their main gate and returning into their garden for their picnic.

·         Year 1 & Year 2 will be leaving the parade at the back-car park gate and having their picnic on the playground.

·         Year 3, 4, 5 & 6 will continue with the parade all the way back to the main school gate and be having their picnics on the playgrounds.

Space out around the perimeter, Key Stage 1 Parents place yourself towards the beginning of the Parade on Bowen Drive, KS2 Parents populate the second part of the route.

What happens after the carnival parade around the school?

·         You are invited to join your child’s Freedom Carnival class picnic in an allocated space on the playground (weather permitting).

·         If you choose to join the picnic please help the class staff to sanitise children’s hands, share out the food and then sit with your child to enjoy the picnic with them.

·         If it is raining the picnic will take place in the classrooms and parents will not be invited inside the building.

What should we bring for the picnic?

·         Please send in some finger food to share, ideally something that represents their country or just something they love to share.

·         Please note there will only be napkins so please do not donate anything that needs a plate or cutlery, on this occasion we will not be able to serve rice or stews. Remember we are a no pork and no nuts school.

·         Food needs to be easily served as children will be using a napkin as plate, so if it’s a cake or pie please cut it into slices.

·         Children will have their own water bottles so please do not send in drinks.

·          If you are joining the picnic, please bring a blanket to sit on.

What time does the carnival finish?

·         The carnival and picnic will finish at approximately 3pm.

·         You can take children at this time but report to your child’s teacher first.

Community Spirit

We know that this carnival is rather ambitious but we wanted to organise something fun and free for all the children and families. We know that we can count on your support to make this work.  Children are already working on costumes, flags, masks and musical instruments. Please feel free to also dress up in your ‘freedom’ clothes, blow your whistles and generally make this an afternoon to remember.


Should you wish to come back to school in the evening there will be some free storytelling sessions (5pm, 5:40pm and 6:30pm) and Caribbean food to buy.

You must get a free ticket to gain entry, please contact KETRA (Kingswood Estate Tenants and Resident’s Association). Use this link –

Sarah (a Dulwich Wood Parent and Kingswood Resident) successfully accessed funding for this event to celebrate Black History Month. A huge thank you to her.