Learning Journey – ‘Global Identities’

Dear Parents/Carers,

Here is a snapshot of our week:

Reception – Following our story about a bat, a snail and a grasshopper, this week we have been learning about mini-beasts. We have been finding out lots of facts about snails, worms, ladybirds, spiders, woodlice and bumblebees. The children have been writing down their favourite facts and have enjoyed investigating mini beasts in our garden!

Year 1 – We have been looking at adjectives and choosing the most adventurous ones for the different settings in our book, ‘The Magic Carpet’. We have also used these adjectives when retelling the main events of the story and we have produced some fantastic pieces of writing!  In Maths we have been ordering and comparing numbers using the mathematical symbols of ‘greater than’, ‘less than’ and ‘equal to’. We have made great use of the changeable weather, comparing temperatures, measuring the amount of rainfall and finding out about day light hours in different seasons. For our creative curriculum, we have started to look at the wonderful country of Ghana. We have located Ghana in the African continent and the capital city, Accra! We have created our own Masaai necklaces using pointillism too.

Year 2 – We have been learning about endangered and extinct animals. In Literacy, we unravelled the mystery of the unknown footprint and thanks to our questions we are now aware that they belonged to a Dodo. We have also compared endangered animals in the UK and in Peru, and we looked at the reasons why they are disappearing.  In Science, we have been doing some investigations to find out which drinks are good for our teeth and which ones aren’t. We’ve made our predictions and now we can’t wait to find out if they were right. We are still using our collaboration and perseverance tools to try and stick to the three Blue Peter climate hero pledges we’ve each made. We’ve also had our first tennis lesson and will be having a tennis lesson every week until the end of term.

Year 3 –During the last month we have been working towards our Blue Peter Green badges to become Blue Peter Climate Heroes. Before half term we all made pledges to help the environment. There were 3 pledges, one related to power, one for plastic and one for plants. Some of our pledges were to turn off electrical devices when we have finished using them, for example, we have reduced using classroom lights, we turn off our whiteboards and some children have switched half an hour of screen time for 30 minutes outdoors. We have also been learning about the impact of plastic on the oceans and some of our pledges have involved switching from single use plastic, for example, our water bottles in class. Other pledges have involved eating less meat and planting bee friendly plants. The children have all created posters to illustrate their pledges to help our classes become Supersized Climate Heroes! We may be nearing the end of this Blue Peter challenge but all of us are determined not to forget our pledges. A big thanks to Alma (3A), for inspiring us to get involved!

Year 4/5 – This week Y4/5 have been learning about Ancient Greek democracy and the similarities between it, and our contemporary democracy in the UK. We have also begun to plan out a narrative by considering characters to include in an Odyssey inspired piece of writing. We have also really enjoyed our lessons all about growing -up. The baby photos Year 4 brought in were adorable and we all had lots of fun discussing how we have changed.

Year 6 – Year 6 have become experts this week about Mongolia. We are currently reading a book called ‘The Unforgotten coat’ where we meet two boys who have travelled to Bootle, in Liverpool all the way from Mongolia. While the book has given us some knowledge about Mongolia we felt we needed to know more. So, after carrying out some extensive research about a whole range of topic areas, we worked collaboratively to produce a piece of writing of our choice. The writing ranged from travel brochures to websites and was a really good opportunity for us to collate our knowledge and show off how well year 6 can collaborate.


Star Pupils this Week

Reception –  Jacob, Aylla, Kailah, Kaspar

Year 1 – Israel, Sofia, Byanna, Madina

Year 2 – Midyd, Nathan T, Eskander, Margot D

Year 3 – Aila, Emmanuel. Belle, Scarlett

Year 4/5 Shanell, Wendy, Rahim, Aaryn, Leah-Rose, Neli

Year 6 – Rania, Emily, Charles, Thea


Acorn Awards this week

Rec – Leah

Year 2 – Suraiya


Bronze Acorn Awards  – 150 points!

Rec – Aylla, Beau, Elizabeth, Lisa, Mary-Jo, Robin, Tiffany, Ellar, Jacob, Lily-Rose, Sadija, Alex, Alice, Chiagozie, Constance, Derin, Godson, Mahida, Shanai, Aiden, Astrid, Elena, Freya, Nyrelle, Teddy, Abubaker, Amilia, Dhamari, Juliet, Kaspar, Noah, Sadie, Safa, Ariah, Kaiden, Kailah, Lev, Rita, Zafer

Year 2 – Muhammad

Year 4/5 – Beau, Isabella, Elissa


Silver Acorn Awards – 250 points!

Year 1 – Ayla, Bryanna, Tyrai, Iman, Mehaf, Ostin, Rhoda, Wendy, Abduljamil, Eimear, Madina, Natalia, Oscar, Zashka,

Year 2 – Amelie, Bessie, Pearl, Eddie, Izzy, Naila,

Year 3 – Dylan, Gerard, Ibrahim, Tiana, Alma, Belinda, Javk, Brooke, Elizabeth, Molly, Thelma, Cassius, Finn, Greta L, Joseph, Mia, Daisy, Dino, Greta H, Tashawna, Ysmael, Anna, Hector, Isla, Scarlett

Year 4/5 – Grace, Laurie, Wendy, Fatima, Jeannie, Lily, Nana, Aysha, Neli, Anaiah, Aryd, Ronnie Lou, Jake, Mahdi,

Year 6 – Banjugu



House Points 

184 208 210



Windrush Day – Tuesday 22nd June 2021

Windrush Day is a national celebration to commemorate the arrival of the Empire Windrush and its passengers at Tilbury Docks on June 22nd, 1948, following a month-long journey from the Caribbean.  It’s 1027 passengers and those that continued to migrate to the UK from the Caribbean between 1948-1973, became known as the Windrush Generation in recognition of the significance of that initial journey. The influence and contribution of the Windrush Generation and their descendants continue to shape the UK culturally and economically.

This year’s theme ‘I Am Here’ is a call for all … to stand together in recognition and celebration of the spirit and fortitude of the Windrush people; and to make a personal commitment to driving change for our future generations …

On Tuesday 22nd June, we would like everyone to wear clothes that reflect their heritage so we can celebrate our cultural diversity at Dulwich Wood Primary School.


The Fun Run

The photos are amazing, they really capture the spirit of the day and there is probably a fantastic one of your child or their Teacher which you can buy. We will email it to you for £5 and you can print off as many copies as you like!
Because of GDPR we can’t share the photos via the website or on the newsletter and because of Covid we can’t invite you in to see them. But we have found a solution, we have put a huge ‘exhibition ‘of all the photos in the dining hall. The photos are numbered and your child will get the chance to go and have a look. If they love their photo and you are happy to buy a copy then all they need to do is to write down the number and give it to you. You can then place an order on the School’s Buddy website and it will be emailed directly to you.
A huge thank you to the Friends of Dulwich Wood who organised the day, all proceeds from the photos will go to the Friends to be spent on the playground project. The fun run photos will also be displayed at the Summer fair.

Please could you send in any remaining sponsor money so we can announce how much money we have raised.  We already know that some children have raised over £100 – Amazing!

Dates for your Diary

Tues 22nd Jun

Windrush Day. We will be celebrating Windrush day by having a special assembly and dressing up to celebrate our cultural diversity at Dulwich Wood.

Wed 23rd Jun

Class Photos

(please ensure your child wears their uniform or the correct school PE kit on that day)

These photos will include the adults who work with each class and will be for sale. More details to follow. 

Sat 10th Jul

FODW Summer Fair 1pm – 6pm (ticketed event, see poster below)

Mon 12th Jul

Learning Reviews (school closed to children)

Fri 23rd Jul

Last day of Term  (School closes at 1:00pm, No Emu Club)


Dulwich Wood Dinner Menu

Monday 21st   Tuesday 22nd  Wednesday 23rd  Thursday 24th  Friday 25th  
Meal A  Chinese Chicken Noodles BBQ Meatballs with pasta Roast Turkey with Roast Potatoes and Gravy Jerk Chicken with Rice & Peas Crispy Fish Fingers and Chips
Meal B Vegetable Noodles Tomato and Basil Pasta Quorn Roast with Roast Potatoes and Gravy Mild Chilli Cheese Burrito Wrap with Rice Quorn Dippers and Chips
Meal C Filled Jacket Potato Filled Jacket Potato Filled Jacket Potato Filled Jacket Potato Filled Jacket Potato
Vegetables Sweetcorn & Broccoli Peas & Carrots Carrots & Cabbage Sweetcorn & Broccoli Baked Beans & Peas
Salad Bar ‘Salad of the Day’, Tomato, Cucumber, Lettuce, Carrot ‘Salad of the Day’, Tomato, Cucumber, Lettuce, Sweetcorn ‘Salad of the Day’, Tomato, Cucumber, Lettuce, Peppers ‘Salad of the Day’, Tomato, Cucumber, Lettuce, Carrot ‘Salad of the Day’, Tomato, Cucumber, Lettuce, Sweetcorn
Desserts Yoghurt & Fresh Fruit Slices Yoghurt & Fresh Fruit Salad Yoghurt & Fresh Fruit Salad Yoghurt & Fresh Fruit Salad Cheese & Biscuits with Grapes & Apples

Friday 18th Jun 2021