Children enrolled in the nursery classes receive 15 hours of free education. These 15 hours can be accessed as a combination of morning and afternoon 3 hour sessions.

We will try and accommodate the combination of sessions you would prefer but cannot guarantee to do this as the maximum number of places for a given session is fixed and the session may already be full.

The morning sessions are 0845 to 1145
The afternoon sessions are 1235 to 1535

We will offer places in these sessions in order of applications and according to the admission criteria (See Parents’ page)

Many parents want to increase the time their child spends with us. They can do this by buying additional hours. Please visit the ‘Beyond the 15 free’ page to find out more.

If your child attends both morning and afternoon sessions on a given day you will need to pay for the lunch and the additional hour over lunchtime as this is not included in the 15 free hours the government funds.

The cost of a lunch and 1 hour of lunch time supervision is £7.70 per day. This would only apply to you if you want to have free 15 hour sessions spanning mornings and afternoons on the same day as lunch and the lunchtime staff are not covered by the government funding. To avoid this expense you could opt for 5 mornings or 5 afternoons every week.

If you are paying for extra half day sessions to top up your 15 free hours,  the cost of lunch and supervision is already included in the cost of the extra session you are booking.