Friday 16th July 2021

Learning Journey – ‘Global Identities’

A HUGE thank you to Beth and the Friends of Dulwich Wood for organising the amazing Summer Fair last Saturday. It was so lovely to get the whole Dulwich Wood community together, albeit via staggered time slots! The feedback has been so positive, ‘where there is a will, there’s a way’, and as ever we found a way!

A snapshot of our week at Dulwich Wood:

Reception: As transition to Year 1 is approaching, the children have been discussing the things that will change and the ones that will still be the same; the things that they are excited about or perhaps a bit worried. The children have enjoyed looking at their writing folders and being amazed and how much their writing has progressed and they have also been fantastic at saying what they can do now in maths and that they were not able to do when they started in Reception.

Year 1: At the beginning of the week in Literacy Year 1 used drama to retell the story of Handa’s Surprise, this helped us remember the key events of the story. Since then, we have been writing a diary entry around Handa’s adventures, writing in first person using ‘I’ as our pronoun and of course using a capital letter to show this!

Year 2: We loved chatting to you all on Monday and sharing all of your children’s successes over the year. We feel incredibly proud of how far your children have come. Our final book of Year 2 is ‘Where Ocean Meets Sky’. We wrote instructions on how to build a boat, and used our imagining tool to write a captain’s log. Our last tennis lesson was super fun, and we’ve all learnt how to use our forehand, backhand and even how to serve! We want to say a big Thank you to Asma (Yasmina’s Mum) who came and talked to us on Friday about how our tummies work. We were particularly surprised that our stomachs are the size of an orange, and we were taken aback at the length of our intestines which were demonstrated with a piece of string! Today we are at Crystal Palace Park!

Year 3: On Wednesday we went on a trip to Norwood Park. The sun shone and we had a fantastic day! Both classes used their empathy and collaboration tools and played wonderfully together. They loved playing in the water and making up imaginative games. We had a picnic followed by ball games, including a great game of football thanks to Nate’s dad! We finished the day with a year 3 race, thanks for the suggestion Greta L! The winner was Elijah! Thanks also to Isla’s mum and Cass’ mum who came along to help out. On Tuesday 20th there will be a Ukulele Performance for Parents at 2.45. Please note if we get more than 30 Parents attending we will move the performance outside in order to accommodate everyone.

Year 4/5: This week we have been spectacular scientists, investigating reversible and irreversible changes. We observed some kitchen science – cooking eggs and baking cakes – and experimented with milk, vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. We also used our empathy googles to write heart-felt letters of support to Marcus Rashford and joined the fight against racism. On Tuesday 20th in the afternoon we are having a special end of term trip to Belair Park, we will be leaving school at 1.15pm and will be back at school by 3.20. If you are available to walk down with your child’s class please email

Please note that the violin performance of ‘Wombat Stew’ is now available on our YouTube channel

Year 6: we started the week off by carrying out some research about our new schools and created PowerPoint presentations to help future year 6 children! We finally finished filming our musical and we cannot wait to share it with you all. We want to include some live singing so the performance will be an hour long rather than 45 minutes. Please note the new performance times of 2pm – 3pm and 6pm – 7pm.  Check out Tapestry for a sneak preview! We had a fantastic and well-deserved trip to the swimming pool and then onto Dulwich Park on Thursday! The children had a great time after a really great year of learning. Finally, on Friday, we were lucky enough to have a visit from the police. They spoke to us about gangs, guns and knives and how to keep safe.

Star Pupils this week

Reception – Shanai, Ellar, Amilia, Muhammad

Year 1 – Carlota, Ilara, Hala, Mary-Rose

Year 2 – Stanley, Rozi, Zafirah, Ohemaa

Year 3 – Elijah, Dylan, Kuzey, Lola

Year 4/5 – Raphael, Marley, Irie, Ralph, Isabella, Ariyana

Year 6 – The Whole Year 6


Acorn Awards this week

Green Acorn Awards – 75 points!

Year 4/5 – Prime, Amy

Bronze Acorn Awards – 150 points!

Reception – Vida

Year 1 – Habibah

Silver Acorn Awards – 250 points!

Year 1 – Archie, Digby, Beatrice, Indigo, Juno, Eira, Harold, Ilara, Kate, Kelly, Luna

Year 2 – Victor, Sapphire, Amber, Ezekiel, Arlen, Jason, Lydia, Mylah, Mathis, Rudy

Year 3 – Fabio, Ilyas

Year 4/5 – Malachi J, Xaynee, Kyode

Year 6 – Ryan, Ash, Mary-Kate, Isla, Azariah, Faeyaleescia, Giovanna, Jakub, Hector, Nayan, Sally


House Points 

215 232 234



Dates for your Diary

Tues 20th July: Bring your Happy Bags to School (see poster below)

Fri 23rd July: Last day of Term (School closes at 1:00pm, No Emu Club)

·         Reception – pick up at 1pm from Reception Gates

·         Y1 – pick up at 1:00pm from Main Gate

·         Y2 – pick up at 1:10pm from Main Gate

·         Y3 – pick up at 1:20pm from Main Gate

·         Y4/5 – pick up at 1pm from Back Gate

·         Y6 – pick up from Bottom Playground


School Uniform Shop

We will be running a School Uniform Shop on the following dates:

·         Wednesday 21st July 9am – 4pm

·         Monday 26th July 10am – 2pm

·         Tuesday 27th July 10am – 2pm

·         Wednesday 1st September 10am – 2pm

You can place your order on SchoolsBuddy and we will prepare your order or you can pay for items by card during these times and dates.  Orders placed on SchoolsBuddy before Sunday 25th July at 11pm will be available to collect on Monday 26th & Tuesday 27th.  Orders placed after this time will be available to collect on Wednesday 1st September (or once the children return to school).


Happy Bag Fundraising Project – return by 20th July

We are delighted to announce that the school will be holding a clothing collection with Happy School Bag Fundraising Project.  This scheme is designed to help schools raise funds as well as helping the environment by keeping textiles away from landfills. By taking part in this scheme you help reduce the amount and give the clothing a new lease of life.  To take part you simply need to fill any plastic bags with unwanted but clean and reusable clothing.

Remember the more you fill up the bag the more the school can rise. The Happy School Bag van will be collecting from our school on Tuesday 20th July. Please bring all your bags to school and help us have an amazing collection