Our Learning Journey – Together Again

It’s been another week of fantastic learning at Dulwich Wood despite the challenges that a full school reopening has presented. The learning at school for Year 2 to Year 6, and on Tapestry for Year 1 has been exceptional. I’ve been so impressed with what I have seen in the children’s books and the projects online.

Thank you for the incredible support that we have continued to receive from the school community. I have been sent many emails and kind words of encouragement this week. The children have been thinking carefully about their empathy tool this week, and that has been reflected across our Dulwich Wood Community from parents, staff and children!

I am sure you will join me in thanking the staff for all the effort that they have put into managing the new expectations, but particularly our Year 1 Team who have adapted their weekly planning without any notice (I only received notification on Sunday afternoon) to enable the children to continue learning virtually. We look forward to seeing Year 1 back at school on Monday.


Year 4/5 Poetry

Year 4/5 have been writing some fantastic poetry this week, they were too good not to share with you all!

My Favourite Place by Amandine (8 yrs old)

The smell of green nature drifts past my nose
I look at a flower as it peacefully grows.

The cheeky monkey throws bananas at my face
I shield myself with my suitcase.

I ate some fruit, there was plenty
a croc went past but it was friendly.

A boa slithered close it looked wild
I was afraid as I am a child.

The tropical trees bend over the river
It was getting cold so I started to shiver.

At night was in my warm sleeping bag
I dreamt of my friends and we were playing tag.

The cool breeze swept past my face
The rainforest is my favourite place.


Glory of the Morning Sky by Jake (9 yrs old)

Glory of the sky. The beautiful sky.
Domain of the night and the day.
Sun and moon fighting away while deep down below in the morning, rolling along the plain.
Clouds, acting like rolling hay, morning glory, that’s her name.
People standing in awe, while their kids run out the door.
Cloud upon cloud, not being loud, morning glory, every year.


I See the Day by Irie (9 yrs old)

I was in the park (believe me, I spoke) where if I travelled you followed behind calmly, like the sky and the bright yellow sun.
Autumn waited for the deep, blue skies.
Stop, I yelled, as we went to the hill above.
We saw a green emerald parrot, a fox even.
Walk on I had said, laying down on the rough spiky hill was so uncomfortable.
The difference in the white, puffy clouds, the wind swiftly rushing through the trees.
The orange and navy-blue sunrise, triangular buffed clouds in between.
Oh, the chatting people surrounding us I said… the beautiful bright area of the sky.


Star Pupils of the Week

Well done to all the children for using your learning tools so brilliantly week! You have collaborated incredibly well, especially with all the changes to the school routine since returning!

This week the Class Teachers have chosen these Star Pupils.

Year 2A Eddie & Naila
Year 2B Margot D & Fabio
Year 3A Ibrahim & Kai
Year 3B Morgan & Anna
Year 4/5A Isla & Myelle
Year 4/5B Rahim & Irie
Year 4/5C Azra & Jadon
Year 6A Omari & Isla
Year 6B Stephanie & Louis

Next Week’s Dinner Menu

Dulwich Wood Dinner Menu | Week commencing 21 September 2020

Updates to the School Risk Assessment

We have reviewed our Risk Assessment and have made the following changes:

Children can bring in a freshly filled water bottle daily (or they can leave their water bottle at school to be refilled, if it is left at school they can take it home each Friday).
Children can bring in a book bag, and a lunch bag if required.
We do not have an area for lost property – please make sure that your child’s items are clearly labelled so they are not left at the end of the day.


Extracurricular Clubs

The clubs have started but there are still spaces available

Book via Schools Buddy
We hope to introduce more extra-curricular clubs later this term

This payment will be in addition to the Emu Club payment.

Club Year Groups Day & Cost Spaces Available
Ukulele Club Year 4 & Year 5 Tuesday – £3.50 weekly 11
African Drumming Year 3 Tuesday – £3.50 weekly 10
Key Board Club Year 4, Year 5, Year 6 Thursday – £3.50 weekly
Friday – £3.50 weekly



There will be a special message from the teachers on Tapestry next Friday (25th). This half term Tapestry will be used for the weekly spellings and reminders about reading books.

Next half term Tapestry will be used for the home learning logs (more information to follow).
If your class is asked by Public Health to isolate then you will be able to access the learning each day on Tapestry.

Please make sure that you are signed up so your child doesn’t miss any learning.


Reminder: Drop off and Pick Up

Thank you to all the parents who have made the drop off and pick times so efficient. If you are unable to maintain a 2m distance from others at the gate then a face covering would be appropriate. Please can I also remind you to promptly move away from the area once you have collected your child.

Term Dates

Please check the website for term dates – Our Calendar


Who do I contact if I have a concern or question?

If you have a query about your child’s learning, please contact the Senior Leader responsible for that year group.

Year 1 – Miss Castle, Assistant Head (gcastle@dulwichwood.com)

Year 2 & Year 6 – Miss Davies, Assistant Head (hdavies@dulwichwood.com)

Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 – Mrs Jary, Deputy Head (hjary@dulwichwood.com)

If you have a query about Schools Buddy or uniform please contact the office. (office@dulwichwood.com)


Friday 18 September 2020