Learning Journey – ‘Global Identities’

A snapshot of our week at Dulwich Wood:

Reception – we have been enjoying a range of different fiction books related to Mini-beasts (e.g. What the Ladybird heard on Holiday, Super-Worm, Tad, etc.). We have been expressing our opinions on the texts and writing down what we like about them. In maths, we have been revisiting 2D and 3D shapes and their properties. The children have enjoyed finding all kinds of shapes in the environment!

Year 1 – this has been another fantastic week of learning. We have continued to write our own narratives based on ‘The Magic Bed’ by John Burningham. We have used our own fantastical setting and a wide range of adjectives to develop our narratives. Some of our stories have been absolutely out of this world and we have shared them with adults around in school! In maths, we have started to identify and recognise different coins. It was great fun looking at the size and value of each coin. At home this weekend why not talk money!. Think about the value and what can be bought with coins. When shopping look at the prices of different items and think about what coins you will need to make that amount!

Year 2 – we have loved learning all about the history of Crystal Palace this week. Our eyes lit up as we made links between what it used to be like, and what it’s like now. What has made this topic even more exciting is the fact that we’re going on a trip to Crystal Palace Park on the 16th July to visit the museum and use our map finding skills when we’re there. We have also been using our planning tool to plan out our own version of the story ‘A Journey Home’ using endangered animals of our choice. Lots of us have been making links with our learning at school and at home by bringing in posters we’ve made, different facts we’ve discovered and books about endangered animals. We love sharing these with the rest of the class!

Year 3 – we have linked our literacy and science together and made our own shadow puppet theatre with characters from Cloud Tea Monkeys. We have been investigating how moving a light source changes the shadow of the puppets and have been recording our measurements so we can draw our own conclusions. We have also really enjoyed creating our own plays linked to Cloud Tea Monkeys using our shadow puppets characters.

Year 4/5 – we have been continuing reading The Odyssey, focussing on creating dialogue between two main characters. We used drama to act out our speeches, which helped us create interesting adverbial phrases to describe our characters. We have compared two ancient Greek city states, Athens and Sparta. In science, we set up and explored dissolving, devising fair tests and then testing a variety of substances from sugar to oats, we all feel we are now experts at working scientifically! Today we watched the violin players involved in the strings project perform ‘Wombat Stew’. They were amazing, so professional, everyone was super impressed. We were delighted to hear that the project will be extended next year giving more children at Dulwich Wood the opportunity to learn the violin.

Year 6 – this week we became palaeontologists, carrying out a range of science investigations relating to evolution. We started by identifying scientific evidence to support arguments then looked at a range of sources and real-life fossils to create the best habitats for the animals which once roamed the planet. At the end of the week, we carried out an ‘eggxtravaganza’ investigation testing the strength of eggs, then working in teams we planned and set up a suitable test trying a variety of weights and positions to test. We had our last SRE day on Monday and are now looking forward to hearing from the drugs education team and the Met Police about knife and gun crime.


Star Pupils this week

Reception – Maysa, Lisa, Cece, Zafer

Year 1 – Amber, Juno, Hala, Wendy

Year 2 – Luciana, Junior, Yaseen, Max

Year 3 – Nouvelle, Gerard, Cass, Anna

Year 4/5 – Daniel A, Holly, Delphina, Amandine, Princess, Michael

Year 6 – Violet, Denisa, Pariya, Felwa


Acorn Awards this week

Bronze Acorn Awards – 150 points!

Reception Leah, Muhammad

Year 1 – Binky

Year 4/5 – Marley


Silver Acorn Awards – 250 points!

Year 1 – Ayaan, Aysha

Year 2 – Ruan, Keremico, Midyd, Margot D, Max, Arthur, Yaseen

Year 3 – Olaf, Nehemiah, Ethan, Benji, Kuzey, Vitoria

Year 4/5 – Raphael, Youness, Isabelle

Year 6 – Stephanie


House Points 

198 219 221



Dates for your Diary

Sat 10th July: FODW Summer Fair 1pm – 6pm (ticketed event, see poster below)

Mon 12th July: Learning Reviews (school closed to children)

Tues 20th July: Bring your Happy Bags to School (see poster below)

Fri 23rd July: Last day of Term (School closes at 1:00pm, No Emu Club)

Learning Reviews

Learning Reviews will be held via Zoom on Monday 12th July (school will be closed to all children), please book your appointment to discuss your child’s learning via SchoolsBuddy. Appointments are available from 8.30am throughout the day with the last appointment at 6.25pm. Bookings will open at 11am on Monday 28th June and will close at 12pm on Friday 9th July.

At these reviews your child will find out who their next teacher and classroom will be. You will also get the opportunity to discuss your child’s end of year report.

If you are having trouble securing an appointment please contact the school office and they can book you a time slot. It is really important for your child that you attend this virtual meeting.

Only one more week until the Summer Fair! Make sure you have booked your time slot, anyone planning to be there around 3.15pm will be treated to a performance from the Dulwich Wood Steel Pans Band.

Please bring in your donations of books, toys, fancy dress and plants from Monday.

All donations of cakes Friday please!

There are still raffle tickets available, if your child has sold their book why not get some more. The prizes are amazing!

Dulwich Wood Dinner Menu

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Meal A  Chicken Burger with Cajun Potato Wedges Chicken Korma with Rice Roast Beef with Roast Potatoes and Gravy Beef Cottage Pie Crispy Fish Fingers and Chips
Meal B The Incredible Burger with Cajun Potato Wedges Veggie Korma with Rice Quorn Roast with Roast Potatoes

and Gravy

Vegetable Cottage Pie Quorn Dippers and Chips
Meal C Filled Jacket Potato Filled Jacket Potato Filled Jacket Potato Filled Jacket Potato Filled Jacket Potato
Vegetables Peas & Sweetcorn Green Beans & Carrots Parsnips & Peas Sweetcorn & Broccoli Peas & Baked Beans
Salad Bar  Tomato, Cucumber, Lettuce, Carrot Tomato, Cucumber, Lettuce, Sweetcorn Tomato, Cucumber, Lettuce, Peppers Tomato, Cucumber, Lettuce, Carrot Tomato, Cucumber, Lettuce, Sweetcorn
Desserts Yoghurt & Fresh Fruit Slices Yoghurt & Fresh Fruit Salad Yoghurt & Fresh Fruit Salad Yoghurt & Fresh Fruit Salad Yoghurt & Fresh Fruit Slices

Cheese & Biscuits with Grapes & Apples

Friday 2nd July 2021