Whole School Reopening on 8th March

We are confident that what we had in place in the Autumn term including the year group bubble system, the different start and finish times, restricted entry and utilisation of different entry points was very effective in minimising the risk of spreading Covid 19. We will therefore be operating on the same model.

Covid-19 Home School Agreement – Updated March 2021

Please read through the Covid-19 Home School Agreement with your child.


Last term we had to remind Parents to pick up their children on time and then leave the vicinity. This was a particular problem at the back entrance where Parents were congregating in the road and on the private grass verges showing little awareness of social distancing, the local residents or the through traffic. We urge you to follow Government guidelines, wear a mask and maintain social distancing when the children return to school. We know the pavements around school are narrow, please work together to keep everyone safe.


Top Tips for Transitioning Back to School