Happy Eid to all our Muslim Families, Muzzikir (Y6) and Ibrahim(Y4) shared their first experiences of fasting during Ramadan and how they celebrated with their families at the beginning of the week. Year 2 are looking forward to visiting the London Central Mosque later this term.

 Learning Journey – ‘Foundations’

A snapshot of our week:

Reception: Linked to our story ‘I Will Not Ever Never Eat a Tomato’ we have been looking at the different food groups and all the kinds of nutrients our bodies need in order to grow properly and to stay strong and healthy. The children have been fantastic at making links between all this information and the story we are reading; they have come up with some great advice for Lola who is a very fussy eater! 

Year 1: We have been using our imagination and planning tools in literacy to help us think of engaging ideas for our stories.  We have made our plans and next week we will be writing stories based on the narrative of Stanley’s Stick.  Miss Harriskine and Miss Angela are really looking forward to reading them as they have been so impressed with all of their imaginative ideas.  In Maths, we have been working on repeated addition, arrays and doubling.  It was great to see so many children using their making links tool to notice that they could use their counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s skills when doing repeated additions and arrays.  We have travelled even further back in time to the 20th Century and used our reasoning tool to compare the similarities and differences with modern toys.

Year 2: Following our wonderful trip to Embankment and seeing the London landmarks, we started to look at local landmarks. Using this, we have planned our very own fact file about our local area. We started by using our ‘asking questions’ tool to plan our research on Kingswood House, St Stephen’s Church, Sydenham Station and Dulwich Wood Primary School. Use this weekend to find out more about these wonderful buildings in our area.  In Maths, we have started to use positional and directional language to describe the relationship between objects such as ‘left’ and ‘right’. We used the beebots to support our learning, it was great fun! Make sure you challenge us to use the correct mathematical vocabulary for positions e.g. left, right, backwards, forwards.

Year 3: We have continued with our fractions learning, we have been building on our previous knowledge and our tasks have been getting trickier and trickier, but we have used our perseverance and reasoning tools brilliantly, with great success. We are becoming fractions experts! We have started our new Science topic; Forces and Magnets, with great excitement! We have been making links with other topics and previous learning while investigating and discovering all the forces that exist around us. 

Year 4: We are loving Gulliver’s Travels and making links to the wonderful performance of it we saw at the Unicorn Theatre last term. This week we wrote our own fact files about Lilliput, one of the islands full of tiny people. In maths, we are building on our understanding of decimals, focussing on hundredths. We have had to use our making links tool a lot in maths this week, using what we know about place value and fractions to help us work with decimals. We investigated the properties of solid, liquids and gases by describing lego, water and steam in science, again making links to our prior knowledge. We have started new Geography topic too, rivers and the water cycle. 

Year 5: We have been focusing on using our perseverance tool! By building on our previous skills we have been able to problem solve using decimals and have mastered the code breaking in our decimal sequences. We are continuing our study of Norse mythology both through our literacy and history curriculum., finding out about Viking beliefs and systems and linking this to our book ‘Odd and the Frost Giant’. In science we have developing our understanding of electrical circuits adding batteries and bulbs, changing power sources, adding bulbs and switches. We were also one of the lucky year groups that got to take part in a fantastic ‘dancing for wellbeing’ workshop. The workshop was so much fun, Nick, the workshop leader, has a classical dance background and she taught us how to make up dance routines that involved listening to our bodies and using actions including using sign language.

Year 6: During our final week before SAT’s, Year 6 have been using their managing distractions and their perseverance tools to power on through our revision sessions! We have been revising all of our learning from previous years, making links to our new learning and applying our knowledge. In literacy, we have been writing our newspaper report about the crimes committed by the Three Little Pigs against the poor wolf. Considering the evidence that was provided against the Three Pigs, a surprising number of students supported what they did and claimed they would do the same! 

Next week is the Year 6 SATs week! Please make sure your child can be the best they can be by ensuring that they are in school ready for their special SATs breakfast at 8.35am, that they feel confident and excited at this great opportunity to show-off what they know and that they get lots of sleep!

Star Pupils this week

Year 3: Zafirah, Keren, Nathan & Oheema

Year 4: Isla, Kai, Daisy & Finn 

Year 5: Bella, Shanice, Kyode & Jadon

Year 6: Semi, Grace, George, Leah-Rose & Ava 



Do you have any lego that your children no longer play with or do you know anyone who does? Miss Castle has some fantastic activities she would like to run with children but to make it possible she needs more lego. All donations gratefully received!


FODW Quiz and Chips: Message from Laura (Rocco’s Mum) who organised the event: ‘C.O.N.G.R.A.T.U.L.A.T.I.O.N.S to Team Quiz Whitty for their epic achievement of winning the Friends of Dulwich Wood 2022 Quiz and Chips trophy! It was a closely run battle! A big thanks to all those who came and quizzed, Stu Privett for being the ace Quizmaster, and Georgina, Victoria, James and Miss Rowe for helping out.’


Dates for the Diary

  • Friday 27th May – Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebration pm (more details to follow)
  • Monday 30th May – Friday 3rd June – Half Term
  • Monday 6th June – INSET Day
  • Tuesday 7th June – Children return
  • Friday 17th June – Fun Run
  • Saturday 9th July – Friend’s of Dulwich Wood Summer Fair
  • Thursday 21st July – Term Ends (school finishes at 1pm




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Friday 6th May 2022