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Congratulations to everyone who helped with the Summer Fayre - £1,300 so far!
Congratulations to all the Eagles who have won the House Points Cup this year by a whisker!

Congratulations to all the Falcons who won the Sports Day Cup for the second year in a row!
Now we are in a federation you can access all the courses and groups at the Children's Centre next door. Click here to see what's on.
Parents are reminded that all children must come with the correct uniform and shoes
. If you are unclear what this means click here.
Emu Club is open
for business, to find out more click here.
to school is encouraged but remember to PUSH your bike across the playground and ALWAYS LOCK IT and WEAR A HELMET.
Important - Please inform the School Office if you have changed your mobile number.

Eagles 166 Falcons 164 Hawks 161

Times Tables Time Trial Cup 2013
Poetry Cup 2014
House Points Cup 2014

Conkers Cup 2013 (shared)
House Points Cup 2013
Sports Day Cup 2013
Sydenham Shard Competition Cup 2012
Sports Day Cup 2014

Conkers Cup 2013 (shared)
Talent Competition Cup 2013
Easter Egg Hunt 2014


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A hoard of ancient coins have just been found in a cave in Derbyshire. What two historical periods do they come from?


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