The Emu Club

The Emu Club is Dulwich Wood’s Breakfast and After School Club for parents who need the convience of a wrap-around extended school facility. It has 20 places and is based in the Upper Hall of the Primary with direct access via the Bowen Drive entrance which has unrestricted parking making drop-offs and pick-ups easy. It takes 1 minute to walk from Sydenham Hill Station to this entrance or 10 minutes from Gypsy Hill station. Either way it’s a convient way to combine work and primary education at a ‘Good’ school with a caring ethos.

The team at the Emu Club will offer care for your children from 7.30 am to 6.00 pm in the evening with the added benefit of a quality education in the bit in-between.

Please note – children must be booked in with the Emu team before they turn up!

Session Options

As well as organised activities including art and crafts, sports and games the Emu Club members get a healthy breakfast in the morning session and can opt in to the afternoon tea choice if they stay after school.

The after school slot session is divided in to 2 sessions:

  • 3.20 pm to 4.30 pm to tie in with the finishing time for clubs for parents with another child in a club
  • 4.30 pm to 6.00 pm for parents with a child in a club who need to pick up at the end of the working day

Pricing for the Emu Club

OPTION A (£6.50) Breakfast but no tea ALL DAY (0730 – 0850 and 1520  – 1630)
OPTION B (£11.00) Breakfast & Tea ALL DAY (0730 – 0850 and 1520  – 1800)
OPTION C (£4.00) Breakfast but no tea BREAKFAST (0730 – 0850)
OPTION D (£3.50) No meals AFTERNOON A (1520 – 1630)
OPTION E (£4.50) Tea only AFTERNOON B (1630 – 1800)
OPTION F (£8.00) Tea only AFTERNOON C (1520 – 1800)


After-school Activities

Booking sheet for summer term coming soon!